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My good friend Jimmy and I have been "tag teaming", my always ready to choke on a boner and drain some balls wife Angelica for about three years now. He is a married man and his wife Samantha is suspicious because she tasted pussy on his cock a few week's ago after he returned from visiting us till about 5 a.m. . So we are on our way to visit at his place and he text me to think of a way to convince his wife to get naked with us.

But I can't think of anything that would convince her, so I reminded him of the first time we used my wife. We will just have to make her do what we want or do to her what we want. We we're all hanging out and bullshitting while watching porn on his 52 inch big screen then he and I stepped out on his back deck for a smoke and he say's he would be happy if Samantha could see Angelica sucking my cock and maybe she would learn to suck it like a whore! Because my wife take's cock in her mouth and down her throat like the slut's on the hardcore vids. My friend's and I have fucked her face in every position imaginable, she has choked and gagged on our dirty cock's until we are satisfied and she has tasted, gargled and swallowed gallons of our hot cum the past three year's since I started letting certain friend's of mine use her.

I told him to text my girl and tell her that I'm going to lay on the floor when we come back in the house and when I get my cock out she need's to get her mouth around it and suck it like the good little cock loving whore that she is, and put on a show so that his woman can learn to suck it like a whorish, slut bag would. After we got a text back that said "cool", I walked back in the house and asked Samantha if the laptop she was on had a webcam on it and she pointed to it and said why? I pulled my pant's down and layed on the floor right in front of her recliner and said "film this!" And my my wife was fucking amazing sucking on my hard cock perfectly like she was starving for fresh cock meat. And it wasn't easy for her to only be allowed to have my dick when the dick she liked to suck the best and has easily sucked one hundred or more time's was only three feet away in his recliner hard enough to cut diamond's. Then Jimmy tell's Samantha to suck his cock just like Angelica is sucking mine at the same time I'm pulling up on the wife's "easy access daisy duke's", that's what I call them and they go perfectly between her pussy lip's and up her ass crack and Samantha realize's my wife is not wearing panties and Jimmy is rubbing his big, hard cock looking right at my girl's beautiful backside with "I want to fuck that whore" eye's. Suddenly Samantha say's "fuck you" to him and leave's the room and Jimmy looks down the hall to make sure she went to her bedroom and then rushes over to my wife and grab's her by the hair and pull's her mouth to his rigid cock and say's "suck it bitch it's not going take long to fill your mouth" so I let him lay where I'm laying and I keep watch thinking if she come's back out I would stop her in the hallway before she can see Angelica giving her husband a porn star blowjob! But no worries when I look back at them and his hand's are positioned on both side's of her head and all I can hear is the slutty slurping sound's her mouth make's when a guy is pumping his dick in her moth as fast as he can, then suddenly his hand's are covering his mouth because he is spraying his hot cum in her mouth filling it full. Then she get's up and motion's me to fuck her cum filled mouth and Jimmy jump's up while pulling up his pant's and shoot's his last squirt of cum across my wife's face.

So I grab my cock eating wife's head with both hand's, when suddenly Samantha rushes back in the living room and witnesses me power fucking my wife's face and see's all Jimmy's cum splattering out between my wife's lip's and around my rock hard cock and say's "holy shit he's coming a lot" thinking all the come is mine. And for some reason this really excite's me and I say to my wife "here it come's you dirty, cum guzzling, pig whore because she like's me to say that to her when I'm really going to start fucking her all the way down in her throat so she is ready for it and doesn't choke.
We thought Samantha was mad but she just wanted to go change into something a little more revealing and sexy! Then my wife say's "the k**'s just text us we got to go it's an emergency!"
We all agree to hang out again sometime and we leave. We drive about four block's away and suddenly my wife tell's me to pull the car over', so I pull over right under a brightly lit street light and she get's out of the car lay's across the hood and say's get over and fuck me like the whore that I am and then pull's out her beautiful, perfect,34 DDD tit's spread's her leg's and then tell's me to pound her dirty pussy till she has an orgasm, which only take's about 8 hard pump's and she scream's that she's coming and soak's us both and the hood. Then giggling and rushing back into the car before anyone could see us because it's like 11:30 pm. She was just so excited because of almost getting caught with another woman's husband's cock in her mouth and she needed to be fucked immediately. So then we went to our favorite motel and text Jimmy so he could come and meet us and he agreed and said his wife could never share like we do. "Oh Well!" we tried.

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